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21-May-2016 03:50

The police on Friday said ‘Tara aunty’, the woman accused of running an online sex racket from Ghaziabad, mainly used messaging service Whats App to procure clients.

She created Whats App groups and used them as a meeting place for interested men and women.

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Being a writer made it difficult to live with me for a long time. "All my relationships with women are very, very important to me. Truly, I have two sides to my nature." Then, considering what the heterosexual life would have given him, he said, "I could not operate freely as a writer having several wives and a family." In his book, he writes, "An artist's sexual predilections or deviations are not usually pertinent to the value of his work," and then exempts Proust: "Only a homosexual could have written 'Remembrance of Things Past.'" Asked if his homosexuality had influenced his writing, he said: "I think it matters, but I'm not sure. Part two of my memoirs will deal very much with that problem." Savoring the question, he said, firmly, "One cannot exclude the important influence of sexuality." Are the women in his plays based on the women in his life? In my early plays I created from my family - my sister, mother, my father's sister. "Perhaps that's always been true." Home | Site Index | Site Search | Forums | Archives | Marketplace Quick News | Page One Plus | International | National/N.

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