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To give props to the butches who make many a lesbian’s heart skip a beat, I put together a panel of four lesbians — three butch-loving femmes and one genuine butch — to rank the hottest 15 butches in film, TV and music.The Panelists: Dawn — A femme who appreciates the gentlemanlike behavior of an old-school butch.

She has also appeared in commercials about Blockbuster (2004), Lectric Shave (2011), Carnival Cruise Line (2010), Volkswagen, Taco Bell, Ice Breakers, etc.Hair and Fashion — The panelists all agreed that a butch could have long hair and still be butch, but the hair must not be in appearance.Similarly, being a butch doesn’t necessarily require a woman to wear men’s clothing, but she must avoid fashion that makes her look girlie.According to her IMDb page, the California star's account is under the name "Rachel Meghan Markle," which is uber coincidental considering her breakout role on "Suits" was also named Rachel.

TEXAS TIES: Celebrities who live or used to live in the Lone Star State As we know, actors and actresses have adopted stage names for their celebrity, including vintage beauties Marilyn Monroe (Norma Gene) and modern muse Blake Lively (Blake Ellender Brown).Prince told her that he was going to write her a song and he wanted her to be her own artist.