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This being said, it’s worth understanding the places where it’s appropriate to use Chinese slang, and when you would be better served use a more conventional Chinese vocabulary.

Currently, the most likely place a Chinese speaker or learner would encounter internet slang is on 微信 (wēi xìn) also known by its English name We Chat.

Given that this is a popular form of informal, interpersonal communication in China, it’s a hotbed of Chinese online slang.

Like the rest of the world, social media portals are immensely popular in China.

“I’m going to torture you until you go insane,” Mr.

Xie quoted one of his interrogators as saying, according to the lawyers’ notes.

Rosenzweig says he admires companies such as China’s Changyou and hopes to duplicate their success.

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Those are some of the weapons state-security agents used in an effort to extract a confession from Xie Yang, a Chinese human-rights lawyer, according to a transcript of his chilling and unusually comprehensive account to his lawyers in a series of jailhouse meetings. Xie was detained in 2015 and is due to soon face trial on subversion charges.

Your Chinese friends have been bugging you for weeks to create a profile on some hip new site. You log in, look around, but then you realize there is a one very serious problem… While confusing at first, Chinese internet slang can be very rewarding to learn, and opens up a whole new sphere of communication with fellow Chinese netizens.

Just as English speakers use a whole dictionary of special words, contractions, memes and acronyms when chatting online, Chinese do the same.

IMVU has been fairly quiet about its success in virtual chat rooms, where people can create their own dressed-up 3-D characters and socialize in graphically beautiful settings.

But today it’s starting to trumpet loudly that it has established a strong business with a million annual revenue run rate.The transcript offers the first detailed account of time spent in police custody by one of several lawyers who were detained in a sweeping government crackdown on human-rights activists in July 2015.