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Article 54 par 3 states that restrictions of rights and freedoms may not be discriminatory on similar grounds (this provision does not list "political and religious belief", but includes "language").

Article 29 par 1 states that foreigners enjoy the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution, under conditions established by laws and international treaties.

These treaties have become part of the internal legal order and cannot be changed by law (Article 118 of the Constitution of 1991, last amended in 2011).

The La Strada programme in Macedonia is implemented by the NGO "Open Gate - Women Lobby and Action against Violence and Trafficking in Women" which has been registered as an independent NGO since September 2000.

The first took place in 1994 and the second between 1 and 15 November 2002.Also, there are a lot of data on teachers according to the type of employment, sex, age, number of lessons, level of education and supporting staff.According to the changes in the Law on Primary Education (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No.The angry invasion of the parliament on April 27, which included masked men, resulted in dozens of journalists and lawmakers being injured, including Social Democratic Union leader Zoran Zaev.

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Zaev is now attempting to form a government and become Macedonia's prime minister after he received the mandate from President Gjorge Ivanov, who had previously refused to do so.The organisation Open Gate has a staff of 21 women, eight of whom are employed by the La Strada programme.