Living at home with parents and dating

21-May-2016 14:07

But living at home isn’t always a sign of a bong smoking, video game playing, unemployed slacker.

These days, many people remain in the nest because they're working full time until they’ve saved up enough money for a down payment on their own home. With so many people living at home, it can factor into your dating life.

Basically, I’m used to being the only one around, and that’s how I like it.

I need my space, and I want a guy who understands that. Not that I don’t like his mom — I’m sure she’s lovely! I don’t want to meet his mom the first time I ever go to his house, and I don’t want to “stay for dinner” every time, either. Obviously not every guy who lives with his parents still lets his mom do his laundry, but some do (believe me, I know), and if a guy who’s almost 30 can’t do his own laundry, he’s a certified man-child.

Brooklyn based photographer Pearl Gabel says if living at home is the “only red flag” then it’s a resounding yes. Zero point zero,” while Sandra Demasi says it’s ok if the guy is living with his parents to help them.

“Maybe one is sick, maybe he’s helping them financially, [then] yes. “But if he's living in their basement, playing Xbox in his Superman Underoos, then no.” Los Angeles based author Dibs Baer says her girlfriend does live at home and she’s perfectly fine with it, while Ashley Antar says she wouldn’t have dated a guy who lives at home “unless his parents lived in Buckingham Palace.” Married couple Dave Graz and his wife Laura both lived at home in New York until they got married—and it paid off.

Ideally you’d get your own place ASAP, but circumstances (read: money) doesn’t always allow that, so you might have to live at home with your parents for longer than you’d like.

It’s less stress on your wallet, but more stress for your dating life.

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Which strikes me as a bit odd, considering the fact there’s still a massive stigma surrounding stay-at-home guys as opposed to stay-at-home girls. Maybe the best way of unraveling what’s happening here would be to find some men and owmen both living at home to see which one of them was finding it the hardest.I moved out when I was 19, and other than a brief stay with my mom right after I graduated, I haven’t looked back.Is it so much to ask to want a guy who thinks having his own place is as important as I do? I like to be able to go grab a glass of water in my underwear and sing really loud when I’m in the shower.I consider meeting the mom a big deal, but if he lives at home, he probably brings every girl he dates to meet her pretty quickly. If he’s never had roommates, he might be a nightmare to live with.

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People who have never had to be considerate to the different habits of others probably aren’t going to be good roommates.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and I’m totally not judging.