Rules dating your neighbor

26-Aug-2016 03:19

He watched her cats while she traveled for business; she watered his plants when he was on vacation. Movies at each other's house, including a recent French film. He sat on the chair, and they exchanged knowing glances between the subtitles. Cons: He knows what she's up to at all hours; and she has the same perspective on his life.They catch each other in the parking lot from time to time, and quick hellos turn into 35-minute conversations about life. If he has a party and doesn't invite her, it hurts.And why is he dressed up to go out on a Saturday night? "When I took the trash out yesterday," Jane confesses, "I felt like I had to put on mascara and style my hair first." in his apartment?His living room window looks like a jungle." I choked on my wine when I read that.

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They met across the fence a few months ago and struck up a slow friendship. He can pop in for dinner, partake in spontaneous TV-watching, help her with that pesky kitchen sink that leaks, give her quick kisses at random times (and actually, think romantic gestures galore—she can see his bedroom window from her bedroom window).Adding home or work into the mix is never a good idea.